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The following are some tools to help traffic handlers when they compose or receive messages:

ARRL Standard radiogram blank form
Radiogram form

ARRL numbered radiogram texts, precedences

ARRL abbreviations, prosigns, prowords; HXtexts; QN and Q signals
FSD 218

ARRL Operator aids, communications procedures, phonetic alphabet, RST, time conversion chart
FSD 220

ARRL Public Service Communications Manual
available from
ARRL Pacific Area Net volume traffic proposal

Standard book traffic texts

New!  Structure of the NTS and Duties, Responsibilities of a Net Control Station:


Bryce Canyon Hamfest Solar Power 7-31-2015

  Traffic Handling Protocol

White Paper by the EAN Digital Coordinator Dave WB2FTX:

International Traffic addressed to a ham from a ham

Other Information:

Some History of the Beehive Utah Net:

Here's the letter that John Sampson, W7OCX, wrote to the NCSs in June 1982 upon his retirement from the NM, BUN.  It contains two pages; the first is the Net Operations Report from February 1959, and the second is his June 1982 letter:

BUN2-1959  LTR

BUN March 1970

Note:  Information on batteries that Hams use...

Battery Guide

A PDF version of  the presentation that was given at the Clearfield City Offices on March 31, 2010...
This presentation, with some updates, was given at the DCARC meeting on January 8, 2011:

Batteries for Radios by NA7G

Presentation on Solar Power for backup, UARC, March 12, 2015:

Solar and Generator Emergency Backup

The RACES, or Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service, holds training monthly on the air.  VHF and UHF frequencies are used on even numberered months, on the third Thursday at 7 pm local.  The HF net meets on odd numbered months, on the third Saturday, at 8 am local, on 3920 kHz.  Information and applications are available from the web site; contact Bob Craven, N7GTE or Brent Thomas, AC7H for details.

Information on the American Legion Amateur Radio Club (a new venture for the national American Legion) is here.  Thanks to Rich NS7K for this.
American Legion ARC

Emergency Radio (government-run low power AM radio stations) are maintained in several cities and counties within Utah.  A list of the stations and their frequencies of operation are listed here:
Emergency Radio

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