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The purpose of the Beehive Utah Net is to handle traffic.  More than 50 member stations agree to handle traffic every year.  The following Relay stations, that take traffic to and from the Twelfth Region Net, play a key role in keeping the traffic moving on a timely basis:

 N7IE,  NS7K,  N7JCO, NA7G, K7OA , K7JHM, W7YV, K7BWO                                           
TWN traffic information is located at:

When listing traffic, it should be listed as the City or County that it goes to.  If the station that the traffic is listed for is a Net Member, it should be listed for him or her.  If traffic is destined for anywhere out of Utah, it should be listed as "TWN traffic."  A station that serves as liaison to TWN (voice, CW, or digital) will then pick up the traffic on voice for relay.

Note:  Be sure to contact the ARRL if you qualify for a Public Service Honor Roll Certificate.  You must apply for the Certificate; it is not automatically issued.

Traffic totals, and Public Service Honor Roll listings, as reported to the ARRL and to SM Mel Parkes, NM7P, since January 2007:

Utah Section Traffic Reports


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