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Utah Code Net
The Utah Code Net, a Section Level Net in the National Traffic System, meets daily on 3570 KHz at 7:30 pm Mountain Time (0230Z Winter, 0130Z Summer) for the purpose of handling traffic.  It is a slow-speed net, designed to help newcomers to the world of CW traffic handling.  Many experienced operators come on board, and are willing to help those that are less-experienced.  The Net Manager is Jim, NA7G and his email address is:

NOTE!  The Utah Code Net URL is now listed on the Pacific Area Net list of nets page. 

Stations wanting information about the Twelfth Region Net, Cycle 4, can find it at:

Welcome to the UCN:  A guide to checking in to the net, and how to send or receive a message:

UCN net schedule and a roster of current active UCN Members:

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